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BLISSED - cd/dvd combo extra value

$9.00 - On Sale

Dvd/CD combo by metal, hard rock, band Blissed

“Death Is Not The End” release includes a DVD with Live Concert footage, a professionally shot music video and pictures.

Since releasing their debut EP called IIII, immediately followed by their first album “Waking Up The Dead”, Blissed can definitely be considered one of the hardest working rock bands out there today. Stryper reunited during the last leg of touring supporting their first album and Blissed changed its line-up (drummer Robert Sweet had to leave). A second album “Corrosive”, nominated for Hard Music record of the Year and their third album “The End Of The World” has definitely kept the band busy.

Blissed is constantly evaluating their writing, technical performances and refuse to limit their potential. Working with Wounded Records on this release Blissed is proving they can be a constant in the music world by sticking to their hard rock roots without being afraid to expand. “Death Is Not The End” is just the latest chapter in Blissed’s already unparalleled career.

David Pearson (vocals/guitar, Jeff Miller (guitar/vocals), Nathan Kojak (drums/vocals) and Steve Boyd (vocals/bass).